So I landed in Rome late last night, with barely enough energy to get up to my room and pass out on the bed. That’s what makes today my first day in Rome.

Waking up this morning, it’s still hard to believe that I’m really here. Walking down the street is like immersing yourself in a whole new world, with different customs, different people, and most definitely a different lifestyle. Though I’ve never been to the city of Rome before, I somehow feel at home, as though my heritage is connecting with this brand new experience.

Exploring this city reminds me quite a bit of how I felt upon first entering “The Big City”. All one can do is stare in awe and marvel at the rich cultural history that seeps through Rome like vines growing throughout a vineyard.

With every new cafe or Restaurant, there is a new opportunity to relax and delve into the Roman lifestyle (which I am all too happy to do). Though I’ve left a lot of good friends back in Canada, as well as my family, with each experience I experience a deep knowing that is where I’m meant to be.

It looks like I’ll be ending my day with a tasty Italian dinner and a scenic train ride to Salerno.

Arrivaderci a tutti!

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