Back in Old Country…things are, well…pretty damn great! Bulgaria has surprised me with her very own brand of natural beauty, in combination with some truly impressive historical architecture. I had a hell of a time getting here, but I’ve come to expect that from European public transit at this point, so I don’t let it phase me anymore.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the owner of the eco-farm I would be staying at, was actually English. It also didn’t hurt that I was sharing a living space with 2 lovely ladies, who saw the world very much like myself. It was surely a recipe for an enjoyable stay.

Bulgaria continued to surprise me over the next few days, most notably with the local cuisine. It struck me as a collision of European and middle eastern flavors balanced perfectly. The people who inhabit this quaint little town of Shipka, are some of the friendliest you’ll ever come across, even if you understand a word of what they’re saying.

Walking through the streets, you’re likely to come across a donkey, maybe some sheep, or possibly even chickens. I found it kind of comforting to see these animals just casually grazing, and all too happy to be an integral part of this small community. It’s truly refreshing to witness this kind of respect for the animal kingdom, when these days, they are all too often abused and mistreated.

I’m writing this post, right after bearing witness to an incredible light show in the historic centre of Veleko Tarnovo, an incredibly gorgeous city in Bulgaria. It’s crazy to think that even coming to this country was simply a way of finding a cheap flight, so as not to overstay my time as a Canadian in the Schengen Zone. The richness and beauty of this place just puts me at ease, and though I have to leave soon, I can already see myself coming back.

Bulgaria, you are one sexy creature.

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