I could lie and tell you that it was smooth sailing getting from Bulgaria to Romania, but I won’t. And though I enjoyed the majority of my time in Bulgaria, it ended rather abruptly, with me being kicked out of my host’s home over a simple misunderstanding. It was unexpected and forced me to change my plans to arrive in Bucharest a few days early, but I did.

After arriving in Bucharest, I was pretty awestruck, since I had never been in a city quite like it. I couldn’t help but gaze up at the beautiful ancient architecture of this place. There was such beauty here.

After some wandering, I managed to find the hostel that I would be volunteering at, during my stay in Bucharest. Now, I knew this was going to be a major adjustment for me, having been out in the country for the majority of my time in Europe. That would probably explain why I felt a big sense of overwhelm for the first few days, staying in the hostel.

This wasn’t the peaceful, serene environment that I had grown accustomed to. This city was vibrant, with an abundance of nightlife. It was all a bit much, at first. But the real beauty of living in the centre of Old Town Bucharest, working at a hostel, was the people.

Nowhere other than a hostel, do you have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, all staying within the same four walls. These people kept me grounded and ultimately, helped me get my head on straight.

So far, I’ve had the pleasure of having deep conversations with people from Italy, England, Syria, Spain, Romania (Of course!) and too many places to name. My favourite moment, though, had to be the 5-hour Jamboree I got started just outside the hostel, full of singing, guitar, and some damn fine beat-boxing to boot. We created some real magic there.

So yes, this is totally different for me. Yes, I’ve never worked in a hostel. Yes, it makes me uncomfortable. But what a rich experience it creates. Oh, and the number of beautiful women you’ll find in this city alone, that in itself is a sight to see for any man. Ahhh…the women!! Each of them, the epitome of beauty.

And now I realize more than ever, to travel the way I am, requires constant adaptation, in a variety of environments. That’s just the way it is. That being said, I’ve made the decision to remain in this lovely city for another month, and my intuition knows it’s what I need to do.

Now if I could just learn Romanian…

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