So I learned something new, or am still learning actually, here in Cluj-Napoca. You see, I’ve been learning about a little…well..actually, growing thing called Permaculture. Now, when I arrived here with my new travel companion, I honestly didn’t have a clue about this stuff, but lucky for the two of us, our hosts were all too happy to explain the concept.

First, let me give a brief introduction of this interesting pair. Well, we have Dan, a Hospital Manager/Permaculture Guru and we also have, his lovely wife Adela, a Permaculture Wiz/Media Studies Professor at one of the local universities. Ok, I know that some of those aren’t ACTUAL job titles, but they sure are accurate damnit!!

These two are as interesting and dynamic a pair as it gets. To say they have strong beliefs about the way life should REALLY be, would be an understatement. Do you remember that word I used earlier? The one that had the word culture in it?  Well these two are doing their damndest to spread the word of sustainable Permaculture throughout Cluj-Napoca, as well as the rest of Romania. Ok…so now I’ll actually explain the concept, or do my best at least.

In it’s simplest terms, Permaculture involves humans living with the consideration of consuming only what can still be used afterwards, or at the very least, create minimal waste. The way it does this, is to have people consider that whatever they consume, as well as produce, fits into a system that recycles the majority, if not all of the original material. This includes everything from food, all the way to cleaning supplies.

The belief here, is that when a whole community (which his how Dan and Adela refer to their guests, as well as themselves) implements these systems, an extremely sustainable way of life is possible for everyone involved. This means less waste is created, more surplus is simply given away to those in need, and let’s not forget that we’re givin’ some mad respect to Mother Nature y’all! Wow, those last few words didn’t sound cool in the least, did they?

Anywho, as amazing as all this stuff is, there’s one problem…for me anyways. Being exposed to this completely new way of living actually short-circuited my brain temporarily, and left me questioning pretty much everything I had been working towards previously, and why I was doing so. That did in fact, lead to a certain degree of depression and confusion, which is understandable when your world has been turned on its head.

And so, we still have until the beginning of November remaining at this little paradise (Well…I do anyway, since I must expressly state that Cristiana is a strong and independent Romanian woman, who doesn’t need a man to dictate her schedule.)

And with that…I leave you!

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