Well, Greece didn’t turn out at all like I hoped it would, unfortunately. You see, my gut warned me the moment I arrived, but I thought I could get over that feeling. But I was wrong.

The farm I arrived on in a tiny farming community, in the Northern part of the island of Evia, gave me anything but a good impression. The sheer energy of the place felt like it was filled with a crushing sort of gravity. Again, my gut warned me. And again, I tried to convince myself otherwise.

But let me tell you about the work I was assigned. First, I had the pleasure of searching around the property for 3 types of stones, and then putting them in their perspective crates. Super fun. I’d also have the job of reading the farmer’s mind as to the exact methods he wanted his crops cared for, which was challenging of course. And lastly, myself and the other 2 volunteers from the US enjoyed pre-planned meals which were rarely to be strayed from.

So I decided to leave after less than a week. Maybe Athens would be a good place to clear my head, I thought. But it got lonely, and I spun my wheels in addition to drinking on my own. This definitely wasn’t the ideal Greek experience I had envisioned.

Something had to change, I was heading down a dark path as my time unfolded in this city. So I consulted with the elders (ie My Parents) in the hopes of achieving some sort of clarity. Luckily, clarity is what I received.

So that’s why I’m writing this from my pop’s place. Some good ol’ family time will be the thing to rejuvenate this weary soul, and maybe even help me re-adjust the trajectory of my upcoming adventures.

Well, I’m off to depressurize, or decompress, or whatever the hell you wanna call it…

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