I thought I might wax poetic a little on this fine Tuscan evening. The subject? Vino. Lord knows, I’ve had the privilege of sampling my fair share of the elixir.

You see, before heading out on this grand European adventure, I was an up & coming employee of British Columbia’s largest wine retailer. That position allowed me to sample the fine wares of a variety of countries, at a variety of prices. Within a year, I had gone from a novice wine wannabe, to a WSET Level 2 certified snob. With that distinction came a certain pride, but also a loss of pleasure.

For me, wine had become far too cerebral and the magic of tasting a new unknown flavor within a wine, was all but lost. The elixir became overcomplicated, and perhaps under-appreciated. Wine, in a certain sense, became a chore. And dammit, I do not care for chores!!

So something I’ve noticed here in the great motherland is this, not only is wine an integral part of Italian culture but, they don’t bother discussing whether they actually got that clove on the nose or, some slight chicory in the finish. Do they even care that much? Probably not!!

In essence, what I’m getting at is don’t overthink the stuff. If you like a wine, you like it! Simple as that! Price shouldn’t change your opinion, nor the latest point rating by a certain Mr. Robert Parker.

So for god’s sake people, drink up and enjoy!

Kyle Out

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