There’s something really quite magical about bonding as a family over some good food, and good wine. Spending time here in Tuscany, I’ve witnessed a family so close that they share everything and I’ll tell you, they are so much happier for it.

As a child growing up, my Papa would always stress the importance of family, but I don’t think it ever really sunk in until very recently. When you spend that time as a family, you get the chance to unload, decompress and help by maybe offering a bit of advice or two. By doing this, your load that you carry becomes their load as well, and this is a sure way to lighten the burden for anyone.

At the very least, if you can have a family meal at least twice a week I’d say your on the right track. You’ll be amazed by how enriched your life becomes, just from doing this one simple thing. Not only that, but odds are you’ll make an even deeper connection with everyone in your family and that can’t hurt.

Salute! To Family

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