For too long, North American drivers have driven with no regard for their fellow motorists, cyclists, and even pedestrians. One movement springing out of Canada hopes to change that.

The new movement has been aptly named “Drivers Against Dickheads”, or DAD for short. It’s already being hailed by The Canadian Ministry of Transportation as a solution to the ignorant attitudes of most drivers while on the road. So how exactly are these attitudes being changed? We interviewed a number of motorists, spanning different age groups, as well as socio-economic standings to find out just how the movement worked exactly.

Our first interview was with David Winchester, a 38-year old plumber out of Ontario, Canada. When asked why he joined the movement, he had this to say:

“Well, I used to be a real jackass behind the wheel. I remember barely using my turn signals, tailgating people just for the fun of it, and general being a real piece of the shit while driving. The worst of it was a couple years ago when I realized I was about to miss my exit on the highway, so naturally, I braked suddenly and proceeded to merge across 4 lanes, not really giving a shit that my entire family could’ve died in a bloody, fiery crash, just because I was a massive asshole.”

We asked David how his driving has changed since joining the movement:

“Shit! Now I actually check for cars around me before I change lanes, and I only tailgate when someone REALLY pisses me off. To be honest, it felt kinda gay at first, but after a while, I realized that now me and my family are much less likely to die with me behind the wheel”

We also found Susie, a 21-year-old Receptionist and self-proclaimed snail on the road. Here’s what she told us:

“It’s kind of embarrassing but, I used to take like a crazy amount of time to make a turn because I honestly thought my car would flip over if I went any faster. Also, I just learned that the lanes on the highway are for drivers going different speeds! My mind is blown.”

Since joining the movement, Susie excitedly tells us how her skills behind the wheel have improved:

“Now, I’m basically the Beyonce of driving. I turn SO much quicker, make sure I’m in the right lane of traffic, and only got honked at once for not accelerating when the light changed from red to green because I was busy texting. In my defense, my friend had just sent me a super funny text, so I just had to text her LOL!”

And there you have it. If the “Drivers Against Dickheads” movement continues to spread the way it has been lately, the roads will surely be much safer, not to mention every driver is much less likely to demean and degrade those that have wronged them on the road.

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