There was a young lad who had a way with words. But to his dismay, his fellow countrymen thought his talents were sub-par, and in spite of him proving otherwise…he and his words, continued to be overlooked.

Of course, I’m referring to myself and my skills as a writer. From that, I’ve come up with a brilliant idea…a mission, of sorts.

I’ve decided that I’m gonna do everything in my power to discover just what it takes to be taken seriously as a writer, even without any college or university degree. This to me is a noble pursuit indeed!

To do this, I’ll be writing a weekly blog outlining what I’ve learned or have yet to learn throughout this journey. The goal is to eventually gain enough credibility to be taken seriously as a professional writer and get paid to do so.

So there you have it! I’m incredibly excited to take this on and do hope you’ll join me on this adventure.


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