Content marketing can be an absolute nightmare for creatives! For some reason, way back in history, some douchebag decided that creative work didn’t even warrant a “living wage”. That couldn’t be further from the truth, in my opinion.

The Pseudo Italian positions creative professionals to be the authority in their given field(s) and work on only the most important things that demand their attention. This is done through concise content creation that grabs potential clients, the moment they find your site.

Those visitors are provided with only the most relevant information and spoken to like a real human being, rather than just a potential sale. (Ugh) But who is The Pseudo Italian, you ask!? A fine question!!

The Pseudo Italian consists of one man, and one man only…the encourageable MR. KYLE DE LUCA!!!!!! (Thunderous Applause Erupts)

Kyle SoundCloud-minKyle has a passion and penchant for writing in all its forms, most predominantly creative and fiction writing. He’s been grinding that axe for just over 5 years now!

Hailing from the Greater Toronto Area, Mr. De Luca is a kind soul who simply wishes to see others succeed. That’s why he’ll work tirelessly to give you the very best in content while working with you every step of the way so every base is covered.

If you’re interested in working with Kyle De Luca, please visit the Contact
page and let him know how he can be of service or bombard with any questions you may have.